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What Does the Bible Say About Flat Earth?

The Bible not only failed to claim that the Earth was egg-shaped, but it also claimed in numerous verses as shown above that the Earth is flat, has Edges, has Four Corners, has Pillars, and has Foundations. As I said above, no unbiased person would deny the obvious and embarrassing quotes above. Only the desperate biased Jews and Christians would. 08.02.2016 · Thing is,the resurgence of Flat Earth is not for everybody, it is an awakening from centuries of misinformation and conditioning. The empirical evidence of a flat earth is there in abundance, however is only a partial understanding of where we live and why it has been obfuscated and by whom for so long. Psalm 19:4-6 ESV / 89 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them he has set a tent for the sun, which comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chamber, and, like a strong man, runs its course with joy. Flat Earth is just a dumb belief from ancient times put in the religious books by cults to control people. Sorry to tell you but your Bible is fraud. Just like Torah. Fabrications made by cults. It's not God's word it's Satan's trickery. Only Satan would want you to believe in an unrealistic world that doesn't make any sense. And Satan's trickery predates the Bible and Torah. If you have gotten this far then your next step is to explore the biblical proof of flat earth as many flat earth researchers have revisited the bible which describes the earth and its creation and the shape of the earth. Finally, we list what we consider some of the best flat earth experiments and footage of stars and planets - which are known.

The Bible is written from a flat earth perspective because it, in fact, is flat for proof, zip to the bottom of this article, or see my other article Understanding Flat Earth Cosmology. Now let’s begin with the 10 Commandments, specifically commandment 2. CLICK HERE TO GET A COPY OF THE FALSE DOCTRINE OF THE FLAT EARTH. This Bible study covers the most relevant verses that Nathan Roberts, Rob Skiba and other flat earthers cite; which they say prove that the earth is flat. If you have other verses which you believe prove that the earth is flat, please comment below. Question: "Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat?" Answer: Many a skeptic claims that the Bible depicts a flat earth. Scriptural references such as Revelation 7:1 are cited, which speaks of “four angels standing at the four corners of the earth.”. Not a joke. Low IQ NOT required! Your questions answered Interesting NASA fakes: Rob Skiba proves the Chicago skyline is NOT a mirage Flat Earth – We Are Being Lied To Gyroscopes Prove Flat Earth.

THE BIBLE AND THE STILL FLAT EARTH. If I were to be perfectly honest here, I'd have to say that I do not get a spherical globe, spinning around in an endless void of space from my reading of the above Scriptures. The Bible seems to be telling us, in no uncertain terms, that we live on a still as in stationary, flat, enclosed earth. The following explains why I believe this way. Modern flat Earth societies are organizations that promote the fallacy that the Earth is flat rather than a globe. Such groups date from the middle of the 20th century; some adherents are serious and some are not. Those who are serious are often motivated by pseudoscience or conspiracy theories. Bible says “Flat Earth!” Did you know there are 200 Bible verses that reveal earth as being stationary and flat with a dome overhead?

10.04.2010 · Scientific proof the Earth is flat! - 04-10-2010, 12:47 AM. I am glad we can now finally close that discussion now that both the Holy Bible and scientific proof say that the Earth is flat. CANCER is a state of mind! Time to stop ALL healthcare!!! Down syndrome is a lifestyle choice! 10 Reasons why GOD HATES SOCCER! Only Sluts Get Raped! 1st Timothy 2:9 Protect your family the. Why, oh why, would anyone believe that the Earth is flat? For one reason or another, the flat-Earth movement has witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years or at least a meteoric. The water remains flat because the earth is flat! 4 If Earth were a ball 25,000 miles in circumference as NASA and modern astronomy claim, spherical trigonometry dictates the surface of all standing water must curve downward an easily measurable 8 inches per mile multiplied by the square of the distance. The Bible DOES say “Flat Earth”! And the entire Bible teaches that God created a flat earth inside a dome with a close sun and moon.

Its flat earth implications are even stronger. The Biblical cosmos model derives from Egyptian sources, which had a flat earth covered by a rounded sky vault supported at the four corners of the earth by high mountains. The 'waters above and the waters below' in the book of Genesis refer to the Babylonian notion that the waters were divided, and some remained above the sky vault. The vault was like a leaky roof. But that in itself does not prove the flat earth. Flat earthers continually post images on Facebook that are not wide enough to prove that the earth is flat. They are 1-2 miles wide, which is not going to show a perceivable curve. Where are the pictures from high above the earth, that prove that the earth looks like the flat earth map?

Bible Proof of the Flat Earth Truth

But the Bible does no such thing, so appealing to biblical inerrancy for non-existent flat-earth proof texts makes no sense. This is the classic fallacy of begging the question, or assuming the conclusion in the premises. As the list below shows, the Bible does not teach a flat earth! ALLOWING THE BIBLE TO SPEAK FOR ITSELF Below are a number of Bible verses without commentary. Unless otherwise noted, all of the Scriptures are taken from the KJV. Pretending you have never heard of a globe or even a flat earth before, let's just allow the Bible. This is the view of the earth which the Bible presents, not the view of a flat earth on pillars which are, in turn, placed on a foundation. Bible critics are thus shown to be wrong in their view of what the Bible teaches on the matter of the shape of the earth. Also made manifest is their inability or else lack of desire to study firsthand and.

Indeed, from the very beginning, ultra-orthodox Christians have been flat-earthers, arguing that to believe otherwise is to deny the literal truth of the Bible. The flat-earth implications of the Bible were rediscovered and popularized by English-speaking Christians in the mid-19th century. Liberal scriptural scholars later derived the same. Members of the Flat Earth Society and other flat-Earthers claim that NASA and other government agencies conspire to delude the public into believing the Earth is spherical. According to the most widely spread version of current flat Earth theory, NASA is guarding the Antarctic ice wall that surrounds Earth. For a list of Flat Earth experiments see Experimental Evidence. The following is a verbatim copy of the book A Hundred Proofs the Earth Is Not a Globe by William Carpenter 1885. Flat Earth Theory Refuted It may be to your surprise, as it was to mine, that there are still people in our modern age who believe that the Earth is flat. In fact, The flat Earth theory has an increasingly large following in today's world where internet conspiracies override Logic, Holy Spirit Discernment and well documented science.

Flat Earth Deception, Nathan Roberts Flat Earth.

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