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Hubble Contact’s Marketing Strategies. Hubble’s website and marketing appeals to young people. Just by Googling “Hubble Contacts review,” you can see the appeal the company has with millennials. The company’s Instagram page features artsy photos of young people traveling to exotic locations with their Hubble Contacts. In fact, you. 24.01.2018 · Hubble Contact vs. The Competition: The Definitive Comparison By Oliver Torres, ABO Certified Optician I'll be answering key questions such as: Why are they so cheap? Are they just as good as the. 22.08.2018 · This is my Hubble contacts review! I also do a comparison to Acuvue contacts! Hubble is a monthly lens service for daily contact lenses. You get a months worth of dailies delivered right to your. Hubble Contacts are made high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material and have 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge. This gives wearers the ability to have easy insertion, all-day comfort, and crystal clear vision. CONTACT LENSES NOT COMFORTABLE: I ordered the trial to try their contacts out, and unfortunately, the product itself was disappointing contact lense quality. I wear my other branded contacts from about 7 am - 9 pm, and Hubble lenses, I could NOT wear this long and had to take out right when I got home from work.

16.05.2017 · There arent that many out there so I thought I'd give my opinion on them. I have used Acuvue Oasys and Trueye. For $3 shipping for the first trial it is wort. For example, one user had difficulty with the Hubble Contacts because she has trouble with dry eyes. Others have reported that they really like this product because they are so comfortable. Final Hubble Contacts Review. We are prepared to give the Hubble Contacts a thumbs up rating. We like the fact that there is a 14 day trial period that. 26.07.2017 · Hey everyone! Here's my review on Hubble Contacts! It's my honest opinion and tbh if it were sponsored,I would tell you lol. I hope this clears things up a b. Hey contact wearers! Here's what happened when I tried Hubble, the company that sends daily wear contacts right to your door every month. The cost for that would have been over $100. With hubble, I get a month's worth for $30, and since I don't wear them every day, its cheaper than that even because hubble is very flexible and allows me to skip a month or extend my time until delivery. And the contacts are great quality, very comfortable like I.

"My first impression of Hubble was that they were incredibly comfortable. Like, disappear and forget you are wearing them comfortable. Not once did I stop because of my contacts, not once did I have to adjust, not once were they dry after I was staring at a computer screen for too long. My last contacts gave me a headache by mid afternoon. The contacts are the same as the name brand contacts but cost so much less. I recommend Hubble to everyone I know that uses lenses. I am posting this review as part of a promotion where I will receive a benefit in exchange for my honest review. However, I would post this review even if it was not part of the promotion. Affordable and as good as. Don't worry—we'll contact you before we re-verify. By clicking "Checkout" and completing your purchase of $1.00 for two weeks of Hubble contacts, you agree to sign up for a Hubble subscription. Hubble will bill you $36$3 S/H every 28 days until you cancel or change the frequency of your shipments. Your subscription will begin 16 days after. Hubble is the new name in the market when we talk about the lenses but in a short span of time, they made their name in the market with the right quality. Hubble Contacts was founded with the objective of providing affordable yet very high-quality lenses to the customers which they deserve. Hubble Contacts.

In this Hubble Contacts Review, I will discuss every aspect of Hubble Contacts, from the quality of their contact lenses, their price compared to other brands, and the services they provide. If you’re thinking of buying Hubble Contacts, this reviewRead More. We know our contacts are great, but we wanted to make sure someone independent agreed. So we had the respected University of Houston College of Optometry conduct a double-masked study involving more than 45 contact lens wearers. Drum roll.they found no significant differences between the comfort and visual sharpness of our contacts and the.

This partnership with your companyMy contact partnership with Hubble. This partnership with your company Hubble contacts has been a very rewarding and reliable experience. I have never been without my contacts to date one very effective company. Hope many people who wear contacts will find you as I have. Thank you Bobbie Bostick. Hubble contact lenses are daily contacts that promise to provide sharp vision and all day comfort. Find out how this startup plans to disrupt the contact lens industry today in our review. Now, Hubble Contacts is trying to make their mark on an industry that hasn’t had a new player in over a decade. Breaking into an Industry. Hubble is breaking into an industry where only four manufacturers control 95% of the market. That lack of competition has made it hard for consumers, and expensive. What the Reviews Say. Hubble contact users are absolutely in love. Reviewers who’ve tried the 15-day free contacts are surprised by the comfort Hubble contacts offers. Reviews express great satisfaction with the timeliness in which their contacts are received as well as the easiness of the ordering process. In this review, we’ll compare the Hubble and Dailies contact lens brands. These are the two most popular daily disposable contact brands on the market, making this a critical article to read for anyone who prefers the benefits and comfort of using a new contact every day.

I Tried Hubble Contacts, And Here’s What Happened April 4, 2017 By Bre Payton Fellow four-eyed people of the Internet, if you haven’t heard of Hubble contact lenses, you need to get with the. I typically order as many Acuvue contacts as my insurance covers, then supplement the rest of the year with Hubble contacts. I have issues with dry eye and I don't notice a huge difference between the two brands, which is good. However, I do feel like the Hubbles get misshapen easier. Sometimes they just don't feel comfortable and I end up. Hubble is a monthly direct-to-consumer contact lens subscription service. Each box contains a month’s supply of daily contact lenses, and members can expect to save up to half price on these contact lenses as compared to buying them from an optometrist. Hubble Contacts seems to be exploding in popularity. So much so that it is now expanding into different countries. Now, Hubble Contacts is in Canada, but is it a good deal for Canadians? What is Hubble Contacts? For anyone whoRead More. Hubble stands by having a singular product — according to my research, the founders reviewed every FDA approved contact lens manufacturer in the world before settling on St. Shine for its high quality, comfortable daily lenses. What customers are saying: Hubble Contacts receives rave reviews from the customers who use their service. The.

Daily contact lenses have become extremely popular in the last five years. For a long time, daily contact lenses were simply too expensive for most people to afford; however, new technologies and new entrants to the space like Simple Contacts, have offered an easy way to deliver affordable contacts. We spent almost a year researching lens manufacturers and visiting their factories. After careful consideration, we chose St. Shine as our partner, a contact lens manufacturer who obtained their certificate of European Quality System for medical devices in 1996 and has proudly used the CE marking on all of their products since that time. At first, I ordered these contacts to use while my glasses were broken, but now I have glasses again and these have fully replaced them! I've been ordering from Hubble for about a year and have told all of my family and friends about this brand. These contacts are also super affordable. I literally hated dealing my contact lenses before I discovered Hubble. Just the ordering them annually or semi-annually and waiting for them to come in and running out of my last pair or waiting for the order to arrive at my eye doctor's office than having to pick them up on a Wednesday after work.

A Hubble contact review at Influenster said their eye doctor rejected Hubble due to their low quality but they shipped and charged for the contacts anyhow. The reviewer wasn’t happy about the difficult cancellation process. Sign up was easy but cancellation was a nightmare exclaimed one of the Hubble contact reviews at Trustpilot. I have been with Hubble for almost a year now and I love the service! I always wait until the last minute to order my contacts, so it was great to not even think about it and have them at my house before I even ran out! I would definitely recommend Hubble to any contact wearer or even someone who is interested in trying out contacts!

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